Woman’s Response To Her Post and My Thank You

I received a reply from “Finding Peace After Letting Go of Life”, and I hope she doesn’t mind, but I’d like to share it with you guys.  It was really touching.  Most importantly, I wanted to post her letter to give her a thank you from me.  Being that most of the questions and messages I receive are anonymous, I can’t respond privately.  So, I want to thank this woman and everyone else that has written me, confided in me, and trusted me with sometimes extremely personal information.  While I may not always have the perfect answer to give (or even a great one), you can bet that I will always try my best to answer in a way I think will help you.
So, to the lady who wrote the following message to me, thank you for your very sweet feedback.  It meant a lot, and this is precisely why I’m so glad I decided to set this site in motion and continue on with it.



I’m the woman that sent you the, as you titled it, Finding Peace After letting go of Life. I wanted to thank you for your advice, it has helped me immensely. I wake up in the morning without the dreaded feeling of self judgment. I’m beginning to love and honor who I am and all that I’ve gone through. I guess I didn’t realize I can choose to be happy and to forgive myself.
Through your guidance you have helped me realize that I have a choice.
Thank you with all my heart.


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