Wife Discovers Husband is on a Dating Site


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 I’m reaching out to you because I like the way you think. So, my question is about finding out that my husband is on a certain online dating site that revolves around discreet marital affairs. On one hand, I want to rip his balls off; On the other hand, I don’t want my confrontation to get warped in to the ‘snooping’ guilt-trip, which, of course, will inevitably result. The revelation of this brainless maneuver by him is infuriating, but I’m tempted to sit back and watch to see how dumb he is with hopes that I’ll discover that it was a decision he made while under the influence of adult beverages – and, ultimately, that he’s not truly engaged with the hussies within his arm’s reach. I will not blame myself for his poor decisions and I’m not old, ugly, overweight, inattentive to his needs (in fact, I could be accused of being sexually overattentive), or any of the things that some people say will ‘force’ their partner to seek elsewhere, so I’m not sure how to deal with the rapidly diminishing respect that I have for the man to whom I swore the rest of my life. So, my question to you is… What to do?

 Thanks for your clarity with how to deal with this ridiculously stupid situation.





You like the way I think?

I like the way you think!  You’re hilarious.

Other than this website, have you noticed any suspicious texts or phone calls?  Any suspicious emails?  Has he suggested you wear a paper bag over your head with another woman’s face Elmer’s glued to it?  Unless you’ve seen any other evidence of him contacting women, I can’t say that I would be overly concerned…yet.

Assuming that he recently signed up for this website, he’s probably just bored and curious.  Maybe he’s curious as to what sorts of women would still be interested in him – an ego boost, if you will.  Whatever the reason, you need to stop it in its tracks immediately.  There are a lot of hoochie mamas out there (profile name: SexyBabyHoneyYeah) that would love nothing more than to have some non-committal boom-boom time with a married man.  And even if he currently believes that he’ll always be faithful to you, he could get sucked down into a nasty hole of temptation far too hard to resist.

Tell him you know he’s on the site.  Embarrass him.  You deserve to be angry, and you deserve to know why he’s being so stupid.

And you seem to have a good head on your shoulders, so please think twice before ripping his balls off.  That’s just mean.