She’s His Priority. He’s Her Option.

Dear Sarah,

Hope you are doing great! I am sorry I am writing to you in such times for your help, but I am in severe need of some good advice!

Sarah, I love a girl.  I am more than sure about this.

She does not love me back, and she’s made it very clear, but for some reason she still talks to me. The reason she says she does not feel the love is because she does not find any similarities between us. She scolds me at the slightest mistake I make and tells me that she’ll leave me at any moment she feels. I am always caring and loving towards her. I just want to see her happy and it’s the reason I agree to do whatever she says, and I do mean it from the very core of my heart. I just love her to the bits more than anything in this world. And the fact that I am not good with words pisses her off.

Sarah, I love her and want to be in her life at any cost.  Please help me find a way out.

Thanking you in advance!


Some people so badly want to have any form of love in their life that they become blind to any mistreatment they’re receiving, and they remain in a relationship full of disrespect and even abuse. Most of the time this is because they have very low self-esteem and don’t believe they deserve something better. Well, let me tell you something…you absolutely deserve something better.

I believe you THINK you love this girl. Maybe you love the idea of being with her and what might be if she was actually good to you. But, she’s not. She’s rude and speaks down to you. Do you think it’s fair that you give so much of yourself to her and receive nothing in return?

If you’re having a hard time answering that question, let me help you out: NO, IT’S NOT FAIR!

You’re devoting yourself to a person who mistreats you and has already said she has no desire to be with you. Walk away from her and trust me when I say that you’re worth more than that huge hippopotamus turd she must think you are. You deserve someone who wants to be with you…someone who doesn’t mind if you’re “not good with words” because she knows that everything else about you is wonderful. Just imagine how happy you’re going to be with a person that actually makes you feel great about yourself!

You know, one of the greatest things about being in a real relationship is being with someone who believes in you and turns you into the most confident and positive person you can be. Be with someone who knows that all of the qualities you possess are truly worth something. Someone who knows that the little pieces that make up everything about you should be celebrated – because they are what make you, you.

I promise there’s a girl out there waiting to be loved the way you’re willing to love. Forget about the one who isn’t right for you. Start searching for the one who is.

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