New Relationship? Sorry, But Valentine’s Day Still Exists



I’ve only been talking to and dating this woman for about two months.  I’d say we’re getting serious, but we still aren’t 100% exclusive.  Neither of us have quite talked about or made that commitment yet.  I know Valentine’s Day is this coming weekend, and I know it’s a little late, but should I make plans to celebrate it with her?  Should I buy her a gift?  I’m not necessarily afraid of giving off the wrong impression because I do think I’d like to make this an exclusive relationship – it’s just that I don’t want to scare her off if she isn’t quite ready.


In my world, any relationship I’ve been in that lasted even two weeks became a relationship of at least three years.  When ya know, ya know.  I would bet that if this woman has been with you for two months, she probably does see this as a committed relationship.

So, if you’d like to continue on with her and see it progress positively, you should throw on a mesh tank-top, some red Reebok high-top tennis shoes, stick on a Tom Selleck mustache, and jump into a time machine.  Go back to about seven days ago and make dinner reservations at a nice restaurant. (Sometimes those machines can be a little wishy-washy, so I want you to dress appropriately for any time machine errors.)  No access to a time machine?  That’s okay.  Burger King just might have a romantic corner table left for you.  Get extra Buttermilk Ranch dipping sauce.  I’m pretty sure it’s an aphrodisiac.

I’m assuming you guys haven’t let the L-Word numb your gag reflex yet, so I wouldn’t go all out on an elaborate gift.  Some beautiful flowers and a card would be nice.  Bonus points if the card doesn’t start off with “Roses are red”. You know, because second grade was a long time ago.

If you can get dinner reservations, step on it.  Women love to dress up and go to dinner; even if it’s just with a friend.  If you’re unable to do so, you can always take her to an upscale bar for some drinks and appetizers.

Most importantly, and this goes for ALL men, at ANY stage of your relationship: Do something, anything for your girl.  This is usually a very emotional day for women, and one that most men understandably wish didn’t exist.  But, I’ll tell you what…If you let this day slip by without so much as a card, next Valentine’s Day you’ll be making plans with the boys.


*Want to be extra cool this weekend?  Do something nice for someone who may not have a Valentine.  Check this out:  Be a Gift on Valentine’s Day



  1. Sarah,
    I know its past Valentines, but I just wanted to make a comment in reference to Valentines.
    I was dating this gentleman for three months, Valentines came around and he brought me a card and a piece of candy. He didn’t reserve a place to a restaurant so we drove around for two hours to find a restaurant; after we had dinner, he proceeded to tell me that he had to take me home now, because he had to take his mother out for Valentines. Now, I won’t go into all the dirty details, but it’s safe to say, He did spend the rest of Valentines day with his mother!!!

  2. Ya I think you are rite. 2 mths an if he doesn’t give at least a card. She may give up on him. I know a gal has been seeing a guy off an on close to a year. Said he won’t commit. I know why. He likes her. Just not her bratty spoiled son 9yr old 170 lbs. He’s rude to me an I’m just a family friend. That’s why he won’t commit. Asked if she was going to give him a card? Said that’s a mans thing. I said no. It goes both ways. Most ppl want to put all the pressure on the guys. Sarah when you were a kid, did your town do May baskets? That was both sexes doing that. Should of had that day before valentines day.

    1. Larry, I’m not familiar with May baskets, but I’m assuming it’s something similar to handing out Valentine’s Day cards to boys and girls when you’re a kid. Good point, though…why do SOME women, as they age, decide that it’s only the guy’s job to give gifts or cards when it was never one-sided when we were young?

      1. When I lived in a small town in the arrow head on minnesota as a kid. Babbitt was the name of the town. My mom bought those little after dinners minty candies. She’d lay out a napkin put a little hand full in them. Then we’d tie them up with thin ribbon then take a sharp edge to curl them. Leave a loop in the ribbon. Then we’d ride our bikes to some ones house we liked or walked. Put it on the door handle an ran after knocking lol. Most times they’d be watching. They run after you an kiss you. We did that to a number of doors. They caught me in school. Sat on me a kissed me in the school yard. Some kids didn’t do it. But the ones that did was a lot of fun. Think we moved when I was in 3rd grade. To Ely next town north. I don’t remember doing it in that town.

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