Is It Love? Or Is It Dr. Pepper?


I was dating this guy who is two years younger than me. We went to homecoming together and he told me he was miserable the whole time because he hates dances. It was kind of a turn off by how rude he was all night. When he was at my house for pictures my mom said it seemed like he was talking down to me. He broke up with me a couple days later after ignoring me for two days. Then, he didn’t talk to me for a month. He eventually began talking to me again and said he missed me and he felt so bad for doing all of that. Then we weren’t together but we would kiss each other but he never talked to me except for right before he would kiss me goodbye. Then Christmas break came along and his phone doesn’t text but he can make calls. He didn’t even get my number so he could try to call me. So we didn’t talk for two weeks.

When we came back to school, he gave me a bottle of Dr. Pepper for Christmas that he made go flat because over the summer I had told him I liked flat pop. I thought it was so sweet that he remembered. But I kept in mind that he hadn’t spoken to me and I told him we should strictly just be friends. Every day is hard though because we still flirt with each other and know we still have feelings. Should I be with him after all of this?  Keep in mind I’m a senior so I’m graduating and going to college three hours away.



You had me and my uncontrollable laughter at flat Dr. Pepper.

I understand that you’re in high school, and all of this may seem like such a big deal, but it’s not.  Frankly, it doesn’t sound like this guy knows how a relationship is supposed to be handled, and you should know better than to let a guy make all the decisions on how a relationship should be handled.

Life is going to be an entirely different story when you go off to college, and within a few months you’ll look back and wonder why in the world you put any energy or thoughts into a relationship with this guy.  Trust me on this one.  He’ll still be a kid in high school getting excited over the next hair he’s discovered in his sketchy mustache, and you’ll be a woman in college looking at some hunky handlebar mustache scenery.

Flat Dr. Pepper.  Whoever you are,  I love you for that.



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