So, This Guy is the Reason For This Gun Ban Thing

Hey Sarah,

I ran into this couple at a local bar this weekend that I’ve met a few times over the past few years. They are cool as sh*t. I know they are married, but she is smoking hot and turns me on. I don’t want to seem like a bad guy because I know it’s not right to try anything or hit on her, but do you have any suggestions for me not to just want to have my way with her and to just be friends? And what if I did try and she went for it? Confused. Help me!!!


Are you trying to get yourself shot? Maybe you’re just looking for a swift kick to that wee little guy who’s making you think these thoughts. Unless you’re hanging out at a bar that blatantly specifies that it’s okay to hit on another man’s wife, NEVER hit on another man’s wife.

Your Mama taught you better than that.

For shame!


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  1. I have a hot wife, I’m used to guys drooling over her all the time. I found that the secret is to not get jealous and to just let me wife shoot the guys down who do try to hit on her. She’s got some amazing one liners that just gut these guys and I actually get a big kick out of watching her do it. A real man will find his own woman though.

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