Experiment in Dating, But Not With a Married Man


I like this K-9 police officer and he is married, but I am not trying to intervene into his marriage. I do respect him and like him as a friend.  He will chat with me a few times or say good morning.  I had noticed that twice he did not say anything to me.  I did not understand why.  Was he having some kind of issues that he could not talk to me?  Sometimes he is very distant and acts shy. He can be outspoken when he wants!  He is Dominican and I am black and I am learning about Latin men.  I have never dated a Latin man. I had asked him two years ago if he was married and he answered “Yes, but to remove the weight.”  I really want to know what that means…just curious.  Any advice?

Thank you.


I’m pretty sure he said, “Yes, but I want to remove the weight”, which means that he’s not happy and wants to divorce his wife.  But, guess what?  Two years later, and he’s still married.  Oh, and guess what also?  You’re not his wife.

If you’re so interested in dating a Latin man (I don’t blame you, by the way), leave this one alone and go find a man that isn’t married.

Let me tell you a little about this K-9 officer:

If he comes off as distant one minute and then attentive the next, you’re probably not really his friend.

If his wife doesn’t know about you, you are definitely not his friend.

If he’s overtly flirtatious with you when he is being attentive, it’s only because you’re probably someone he thinks he could sleep with if he wanted to cheat on his wife.

That’s it!  Question answered!  Bada bing, bada boom!

Forget about trying to figure him out, and try this website on for size:

Maybe you’ll luck out and find a man that looks like Mr. Latin Lover up there.  Ay dios mio.



  1. “Is he married?” is a question that every woman should asked for herself before you will give your sweet “I do’s”. Suspecting that your man is married in the first place is a major sign; however you would not have these suspicions unless there were signs or you were just being paranoid. The ideas mentioned earlier are most basic things you can consider. There are still a lot of things or signs that you need to find out before concluding that your man is married. Explore more things and don’t ever lose your integrity and fall for a sad story of how bad his wife treats him. Do not believe immediately also when he says you’re the best and most wonderful woman he has met. Remember that if he cheats on her wife, he will surely cheats on you. To know more on how to find out is he is married visit

  2. Good advice, Sarah. For the life of me, I can never understand why women don’t apply the brakes early on when they realize someone is married. If the friendship progresses, the “liking” will only get stronger and lead to a point of no return. I would never want someone else’s husband. We’re human and attractions are going to happen, but don’t put yourself in tempting situations if you realize you’re attracted to someone who’s married. Many of us are just too selfish and think only of our own needs.

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