An Epic Dating Formula for Ruining Lives



I am a married woman, and I’ve fallen in love with a married man who is younger than me. He wants to get married so we can be together. We grew to love each other in six months. I want to leave my family for him. He has kids and so do I.

Should I marry him?


Woah, Nelly! (You’re name is Nelly, isn’t it?)

You have created the most epic dating formula for ruining lives.

Yes, you.

Let’s back up here.

He’s married. You’re married. He has children. You have children. You guys have been dating for six months.

Six whole months in the dating world means absolutely nothing when you’re talking about ruining the lives of your children and your current spouses. I mean, do you even know him that well? He could leave toenail clippings on the bathroom floor. That’s worse than finding out he’s a serial killer.

Leaving your family for this younger guy (who—let’s face it—could leave you for a younger woman later on) is absolutely selfish. You really need to slow everything down for a moment and focus on the big picture. You might love this guy, but this early in the relationship, you’re also in LUST with him.

Face this situation like a real adult, like a real wife, like a real mother, and take into consideration all of the lives that will be affected. You are not the most important person in the world. Your children should be.


I hope you realize that a moment of fun with this man is not worth a lifetime of pain for everyone around you.

Be honest with your husband before you make any more irreparable mistakes. If, at that point, you and your husband decide it would be better to move on, go ahead and throw yourself into the loving arms of your knight in shining armor.

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  1. I like your new math.
    This lady must be young and naïve to how the world works. Poor kids…on both sides.

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