Create Lasting Relationships. Lasting, Or Not.

So, Valentine’s Day has passed.  Until next year.  To some of the singles out there, it went unnoticed (yeah, right!), and to others, it was a day of sweetness and caring, and an excess of loving gestures.  After a whirlwind of Facebook updates, some upbeat and some bitter, I noticed that most people were questioning why these gestures aren’t shown on a day-to-day basis.  And, they’re right.  The love you have for others, everyone, should and can be expressed as often as possible.

I’ve mentioned my closet of “stuff” before.  It holds, in boxes, anything and everything I’ve ever received that meant even the slightest bit to me when I received it.  I have every single card I’ve ever been given by my parents, grandparents, brothers, aunts, uncles, boyfriends and girlfriends.  I have every single picture that I’ve ever taken or that has been given to me.   I have every concert stub for every concert I’ve been to, and the names of the person or people I was with listed on the back.  (I especially liked it when the someone I was with wrote me notes on the back of the stub.)  I have every “Good Morning, Beautiful” penciled on the back of a mortgage bill envelope.

In my closet of stuff, I recently pulled out a poem that my little brother wrote to me when we were young.  Bro, I hope you don’t mind:

A Poem About My Beloved Sister


The prettiest girl I know
Even though I don’t let it show
She stands behind me no matter what
Even though sometimes she’s a pain in the butt
She deserves so much better than anyone I know
She deserves a perfect man who’ll love her for her perfectness and let her glow
Cooler than an ice cycle
Stronger than a bicycle
I love my sis with all my heart
I love you, Sarah…


After going through my things (again), I realized something:  I truly hold on to all of these things because at one time or another, it’s not only how these things made me feel, but it also shows how they felt about me.  They wanted to express their gratitude, or their love, or their funny face in a picture because they thought it would make me laugh.  If there ever comes a time (and it’s happened) when those people are no longer in my life because of a falling out, or unfortunately, death, I’ll know that I can look back on all of these tangible memories I hold dear and not ever question how they felt about me at that very moment.  The proof will be in my hands.

See that poem up there?  Through all of our childish squabbles, how could I ever question how my little brother felt about me when we were young?  And, honestly, how he still feels about me?

I say, don’t wait.  Don’t wait for that one day every year to show someone how much you care about them.  For whatever reason, that person might not make it through to your next 364 days. Show them some way, no matter how small, on day two, or day three. (Start counting now.) Don’t hold the regret of never showing them how you feel. Instead, hold on to knowing that you have given them a lasting reminder of how you feel, or how you once felt.


  1. I think, that for a young lady, you are wise beyond your
    years… and you are exactly right… I think that if
    people took your advice, this would be a better place
    to live..

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